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Simple Dental

A flexible dental plan where you decide the co-insurance,
the annual limit and the monthly plan cost

Simple Dental is the 21st century approach to dental care.  The traditional dental plan, created over 50-years ago, is not a "once size fits all solution".  It's why many employees decline dental coverage. The plan offered simply doesn't make financial sense.   

Simple Dental allows each employer to create a unique dental plan to fit their employees' dental care needs and to fit the budget of the premium-payer, either the employees or the business. 


per month

Fees vary by geographic area, the the coinsurance and annual limit selected.

Choose your ideal dental plan
Create a custom plan that best suits 
your employees and family members


Brainstorm like Einstein! 

Idea #1:     100% for all preventive care.  

                    65% for any other dental care

                    $2000 annual limit

                    $35 per employee per month

Idea #2:    100% for preventive  

                    Then a $250 deductible

                    Then 75% to $1000

                     $25 per month

What's your ideal plan?

Simple Dental plans are the first dental plans that allow you to choose the monthly employee fee
and then build a plan that fits that budget.




from 40 to 100%

Choose what makes sense for your employees and your budget.

The Standard

100% for preventive

80% for corrective

50% for restorative


100% for preventive

70% for anything else


$250 deductible

then, 100% of any care

Dozens of options available.

Talk to a Simple Account Manager for advice. 


From $750 to unlimited

Go with the $1000 limit in most plans, or have an enriched plan with $2,000, $5,000 or more.    

With procedures like implants and wisdom teeth extractions for kids costing thousands of dollars, increased annual limits create real financial protection.


Traditional dental networks will have thousands of dental offices in metro-areas.

So, what discount really exists when most dentists are


Welcome to Transparancy

Patients see the actual fees charged by dentists to make smarter decisions. 

No Insurance 
No Profit
Low OVerhEAD
100% refunD


Simple Dental Plans are


No insurance needed. 

Insurance companies love dental plans because of the minimal financial risk. 


Medical plans with unlimited coverage are quite risky. But dental plans are different. 

$1000 annual limits keep the insurer safe.


Simple Dental Plans are self-funded plans using the monthly premium equivalent to fund a bank account to pay claims. 

What's the return?

  • No state or federal premium taxes

  • No insurance profit 

  • No mandated reserves

  • Reduced claim overhead

  • Flexible plan design

  • Minimal regulation

  • 100% of any unused claims funds are returned


Keep your money. 

Don't fund ivory towers.


Just say no to insurance.

Non-network vs In-Network vs SuperPPO
How do you know what's best?

There are over 200,000 dental offices in the U.S. with dramatic differences in the fees they charge for each of the 500+ dental procedures assigned by the American Dental Association.  But, with 150,000 of these offices being part of a PPO dental network, where is the discount?  

With Simple Dental, plan members have access to what each dentist charges for each procedure--what we call a SuperPPO, allowing patients to make smarter dental care decisions.

We analyze claims data from our own clients to know what each dental office charges for every procedure and make this information available to every patient. 100% transparent.
In network vs SuperPPO.png
Einstein 2_edited.jpg
Patients have better financial protection through lower dental care fees
*Prices shown are real prices as of 1-1-22, but will vary based on geographic area and scope of network that works for your population. 

Ready to learn more about Flexi-Dental?

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