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Essential Dental

A core benefit to attract and retain ​full & part-time staff

Essential Dental is a lower cost dental care option.  Employers can offer Essential Dental as a stand-alone dental plan, or as a second, lower-cost plan along with their traditional dental plan. 
  • Great for young employees who often decline a higher cost plan
  • A core plan that can be funded by the employer
  • Attract and retain hard-to-find full time and part-time employees. 
  • Cuts down on the 2,000,000 ER visits each year from patients who don't have a dentist.  



Why dental insurance is different than medical


Medical insurance works because medical health is unpredictable.  Your health can change any day, so expensive insurance is needed every day.   Dental health is different than medical health--it's very predictable.  More than 8 in 10 people simply need a cleaning, exam and x-ray each year, Preventive Dental visits.   Preventive visits can stop 99% of decay--the primary cause of bigger issues like fillings and crowns.  

But, dental procedures to repair teeth like a filling or crown are infrequent, averaging once every 4-6 years.  So, having a traditional dental insurance with a high monthly premium just in case dental repair is needed this year doesn't make sense.   Why pay for insurance with benefits you are unlikely to use for years?

Essential Dental pays just for essential dental care that most patients need each year.  In the odd year when additional care like a filling is needed, plan members have access to SuperPPO pricing from dozens of dental offices far below "in network" fees. 


Essential Dental costs much less per month, but provides much greater financial protection.  The low premium allows employers to provide a group dental plan to all employees, including critical part-time employees.   The savings from the lower monthly premium stays in your bank, instead of adding to insurance profits. 


per month

Fees vary by geographic area and network participation.  This product is not available in all locations.

Essential Dental Features

Cleanings, Exams & X-RAys

No charge. 

The only coverage needed by most people year after year.


Dental repairs like fillings,

crowns and gum issues.


The patient pays for any care at  SuperPPO fees substantially below the        in-network average.

No insurance needed! 

Most common filing.png


Essential Plans are 100% transparent.   

Patients access actual fees charged by the dentist for each dental procedure. 

Dentist fee chart.png

Traditional Dental Networks?

Hardly transparent.   


Fees can vary by

400% within the same network.  

Patients have no idea which dental office to choose. 


Ditch the annual limit.

With SuperPPO pricing, annual limits are a relic from the past.


Lower dental care fees are a better solution than higher premiums.   

Essential Dental 101:
How it works 

The monthly fee for the Essential Plan pre-funds preventive and diagnostic care visits.  That's what most people need every year. 

In the odd year that patients need dental repairs, like a filling, they use SuperPPO in-network pricing and pay their dentist directly, similar to how GoodRX points patients to the lowest price pharmacy without insurance.   

Non-network vs In-Network vs SuperPPO

There are over 200,000 dental offices in the U.S. with dramatic differences in the fees they charge for each of the 500+ dental procedures assigned by the American Dental Association.  But, with 150,000 of these offices being part of a PPO dental network, where is the discount?  

With Essential Dental, plan members can choose a lower-priced dentist.  We analyze claims data from our own clients to know what each dental office charges for every procedure and make this information available to every patient. 100% transparent.
In network vs SuperPPO.png
Einstein 2_edited.jpg

Why pay $20 more per month
for dental insurance ?  

Patients have better financial protection by paying the dentist directly.  
  • SuperPPO fees
  • No cost Preventive Care--Each employee can pick one or two visits annually
  • No annual limit
  • Far less complicated than traditional dental insurance
  • For part-time or full-time employees, employer paid, or voluntary
*Prices shown are real prices as of 1-1-22, but will vary based on geographic area and scope of network that works for your population. 

Ready to learn more about Essential Dental?

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