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Elite Dental

For employers who want to provide
the best dental plan available. 

Which dental plan would
you prefer?

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High co-insurance equals

better dental care

Better dental care equals

lower long-term dental care costs

Chart fee comparison is an estimate based on actual Simple Dental clients.   Actual plan fees are based on the demographics of employees, the benefit plan chosen, the annual limit and network utilization. 

Elite Dental plans replace outdated group dental plans that provide token financial protection.  For about the cost of a bottle of water each day, employees are rewarded with a new dental plan with real financial protection.  

Elite Dental:  Attract and retain a stronger workforce.  A better dental plan for better dental care. 

Medical plans decrease the benefit year-after-year with higher copays, deductibles and lower co-insurance. 


Elite Dental Plans are a stark contrast

providing better benefits. 

Elite Dental Plans cost less than the

annual increase in premium 

in group medical.  


Non-network vs In-Network vs SuperPPO

There are over 200,000 dental offices in the U.S. with dramatic differences in the fees they charge for each of the 500+ dental procedures assigned by the American Dental Association.  But, with 150,000 of these offices being part of a PPO dental network, where is the discount?  

With Simple Dental, plan members have access to what each dentist charges for each procedure--what we call a SuperPPO, allowing patients to make smarter dental care decisions.

We analyze claims data from our own clients to know what each dental office charges for every procedure and make this information available to every patient. 100% transparent.
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Patients have better financial protection through lower dental care fees
*Prices shown are real prices as of 1-1-22, but will vary based on geographic area and scope of network that works for your population. 

Elite Dental Features


No charge. 

100% to the annual limit you select.


Annual limits from

$750 to $50,000

Want to have employees share in the cost of care?

60, 70, 80 and 90%

coinsurance lowers the monthly plan fee. 


Tax Deductible monthly "premiums"


Tax Free Claim Payments

All unused claim dollars are refunded to the employer. 


Essential Plans are 100% transparent.   

Patients access actual fees charged to make smarter dental care decisions. 

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Traditional Dental Networks?

Hardly transparent.   


Fees can vary by 400%  within the same network.  Patients have no idea which dental office to choose. 


Choose what's best for your

employees and your budget. 

Any Dentist

Patients can choose any dentist, but will save dollars by choosing in-network.  Freedom of choice for a few dollars more per month. 


Patients can choose a lower-priced dental office to stretch their dental care dollars. 

Ready to learn more about Elite Dental?

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