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A dental plan where a  fixed monthly fee is paid to nearby dental offices that compete on price and services to provide dental care for your employees and family members.   

Dental offices provide any needed dental care.  No claims to file and no annual limit. 


Subscription dental plans are the newest and most innovative dental care plans on the market.  Endorsed by the American Dental Association, the plans eliminate claims, overhead, insurance company profit, taxes and annual limits.   

per month

Fees vary by geographic area and the plan you want to offer the employees.  

Choose your ideal
concierge dental plan.
Like magic, you have a plan custom-built for your employees and
family members.

Define One or more Plans

Choose what makes sense for your employees--both benefits and cost.

Offer a single plan or two options. 

Dental Offices COMpete to Participate

We help define the mix and number of dental offices to serve your employees and family members. 

Connecting with accredited dental providers, your own private dental network is formed. 

EmployEES and Family Members Select a Dental Provider

Each family member can select their own provider. 

Instead of a premium laden with overhead, taxes and profit, the dental office receives a fixed monthly fee--more dollars to dental care, less for overhead.  

Dental offices provide any needed
dental care

No claims to file. 

No annual limit. 

More consistent dental care. 

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